I Wish

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I really wish there was a pre-test or a crash course that many young people could test drive first. Point is to see if this is what they really want, or prelude into the life ahead. I’ve seen so many young folks demise their hopes and dreams, only to find themselves in a worst off situation; and at the end of the day who is it hurting? Like I’ve said, time is the most precious spend it wisely. Anyhow, back to the point. I would really like for something or someone to teach some of our young folks on how to be young parents, teach them about the meaning of marriage in our culture, and teach what it means to be married in our community. Its no joke, taking care of your own child is like no other as well as the flings associated to it. I often think to my self as a new father, what do I need to do to be the greatest father I can be for my children granted the greatest father and role-model for my daughter. Furthermore, being a married man in our community one would uptake various roles and duties as well such as when your outside relatives call you for gatherings, funerals, etc. do you know the politics behind the culture and what you display to the world? This is only speaking on the male part, think about the women. As a nyab, there are sooooOOooo many things you have to be doing beyond the care for yourself. Are you ready to drop everything about yourself, for your husband his family? When you step foot out of your parents home, you are forever a outsider and when you return home will never feel the same.

These are just one of the many, in which I hope many of you young folks who read my blog think to consider. I wish that you would go through some couples counseling, or at least talk to someone before you get married at 16,17, or 18; having a child at that age; or even learning about your own culture. At your age, can you provide for you and your family? On top of that, let say you have a child? Diapers, formula, food, and life all cost money. How long are you going to be at this temp job? Can you assemble for ever when you had a dream of going to college or making something of yourself? These are just a few questions or thoughts to ask yourself before you make that huge step into this world.


Your summer

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As the summer is coming to an end, take a few moments to ponder where your summer went to. Did you accomplish everything you want to do? Do everything you would like to? Saved enough money? Work enough hours? As we approach the start of the fall semester, its important to get yourself back into school mode again. Ahh but it’s my senior year, I don’t need to be worried. Well actually…

Senior year is the year you begin to apply for colleges, you might even have to retake your ACTs! Senior year should be a fun year, but a  year you soak in as much as you can to prepare yourself for the road ahead. In fact, everything that you’ve done or in the process of doing is to prepare you for the journey ahead. Going through grade school—preparing for Middle the road ahead, middle school to high school–guess what? The preparing for the road ahead. High school to college–YOU guessed it! The road ahead! Finally college to graduate or professional school-Preparing for the road ahead!!

So as there is only a week or two left to your summer, seize your day and make the most of what you can do within the few hours you have. Continue to prepare yourselves for the road ahead, as we are all walking, breathing for the road ahead.

Committing to Work

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As the summer has rolled around, its work for many of young individuals. Many will have to learn how to work with many people from diverse backgrounds, for some it’s their first work experience ever. As I have discussed the first day with my work group, respect is key in working with your fellow staffs. “You don’t have to be friends or like one another, as long as you give respect to one another that would make your work days a wee bit more pleasant!” Also, mix things up! Don’t exclude yourselves from others,  because in the end it’s your experience and what you’ve made of it rather than this is what we’ve done. I would highly encourage you all to mix it up, as it shows potential employers that you can work in a diverse environment and that you can work with a diverse staff.

Also, KEEP YOUR PHONES IN YOUR POCKETS HOMES!!! If you were on the fryer or a cashier at a grocery store would you be texting while doing these things? I don’t think you’d last long. Anyhow, keep up the great work hang in it could be interesting!

A colleague and I talked about this quote a couple of days ago, and it seems to be the trend/philosophy of many as of lately. Don’t get me wrong, I think its a great philosophy to live by but you have to define what is the “Fullest.” Maybe I’m making things more complicated for you, but you have to understand what fullest means. IF you’re a spurt of the moment person, fullest could mean taking risk for the here and now only to find later that it wasn’t the smartest move.  So did you really live your life to the fullest for that moment?

So lets envision this “Fullest” does it mean that you want to achieve a great career, have a family, provide, be a great parent, etc. or does living life to the fullest entail something like “Well, you only live once” kinda of behaviors. My other challenge is, can you really live life to the fullest with the means of what you have or are capable of. What I mean is that given the variables in your life at 15, 16, 17, or even 18, could you really live life fully? Have you seen and done things that you’ve wanted to accomplish at that age? If you were to pass away, could you say you’ve lived life to its fullest?

Again, this is something to think and chew on. I often notice that we choose to say something, but we don’t live by our words. I think its time for you all, to understand the meaning of “fullest” and begin to fill what is empty or half full however, I believe we could never live life its full potential or full because innately we always want more, an upgrade, better and faster service. So I leave you with a challenge and food for thought.

Commencement Speech

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Ahh graduation is just around the corner for high school and college graduates. So, I thought I’d write some words of encouragement for you all.

The class of 2011, it just seemed like yesterday you were all lost and confused Freshmans entering your first year of high school. Today you will be graduating from with your high school degree, and entering a new chapter in your lives whether it be college or the workforce. Just remember that you are the future, make something of yourselves to change the world as we are the ones living amongst this world destroying it. The keys are in your hands to learn how to drive it!

Congratulations to the Class of 2010!


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Imagine being in a room filled with at least 100 people. Among these 100 people, they are talking, having a conversation, while you hear everyone’s conversation. You take in many things however you don’t know who’s conversation is connecting to what. That’s the reality for many Schizophrenics. They may hear many many voices in their head, some tell them what to do, some have conversations, or even jibber jabbers. Or perhaps they have delusions that skew their reality. For example, a Schizophrenic person may believe that something is following them everywhere they go. This behavior may lead to paranoia, so perhaps they may never leave the home?

Check out this video, maybe you have some questions? Perhaps you’ve seen this before?

As the end of the school year is approaching, many of you are relieved that school is over so you can begin to relax! Perhaps you’re thinking about a summer job, volunteering, camping, college visits, hobbies, or spending some time with your loved ones. I would encourage you all to start planning your summer, make a list of all the things you would like to accomplish over the summer as it’s such a short time (when you think about it). Perhaps, rank the order of what you’d like to accomplish most to the least. Set goals for yourself, if you’re working and you’d like to save your money for something nice have a goal of how much you need to budget for it.

The don’ts of the summer, I would not suggest playing video games for the whole summer or see how long you could stay awake on facebook. Sure you like video games, but it’s the summer! GET OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING! I would challenge you all to complete some of the things on this list.

  1. Plan a sleepover a few days after school ends. Then, give your friends makeovers, go to the mall, get ice cream, and do whatever you and your gal pals haven’t done together for a while!
  2. Go to a party one of your friends is hosting. Be sure to ask your parents for permission first.
  3. Go fishing! If you have never done this before, ask your parents for supplies (fishing rod, lures, you know)
  4. Have a good time hiking or walking. Go on some hiking trails, and take a camera with you. Who knows, you might get a good shot.
  5. Beg your parents to take you camping! This is much better than just hiking or fishing, and you can tell your friends you actually did something this summer.
  6. Speaking of camping, try to get yourself enrolled in a camp for a couple weeks. Then you have a nice break from your parents!
  7. Do community service! You will have a good time AND be doing good for the community.
  8. Get a summer job, such as a newspaper route or working through a company (If you are over sixteen). This is a great way to earn money for college.
  9. Most of all, have fun. Even if you don’t do anything, it’s still a vacation! Sit back and relax.